Factom becomes Accumulate

Accumulate: the origin story

The Bridge to the Digital Economy

Base Features


  • Hard cap of 500M ACME tokens.
  • Retain Factom’s mint and burn model.
  • Introduce staking to the ecosystem.
  • Upgrade Activation Block: 30% of supply, 150M tokens.
  • 60% of that initial 150M is to support upgrade participants, 40% for protocol promotion.
  • Convert existing Factoids to ACME tokens at a 5 ACME to 1 FCT ratio, meaning 50M ACME tokens will be available after all FCT is converted.
  • Approximately 300M tokens unissued after Activation Block and Factoid conversions.
  • 16% of outstanding tokens to be distributed annually.
  • Staking percentage to be decided by the community.
  • ACME supports Simple Token Addresses and Simple Data Chains.
  • ACME will support RC1 signatures on STAs that are built from converting Factoid addresses with existing FCT balances.
  • Simple Data Chains will convert with the data scraped from Factom along with timestamps.
  • Entry Credits will not be converted (a total of less than 6,000 dollars).

Community Impact:

  • Accumulate is designed to support at least 30 to 50 validators to start. The architecture supports orders of magnitude more validators with volume.
  • The architecture is designed to require substantially less hardware per transaction for validators.
  • Additional new roles will be added, such as data servers to offload the historical data distribution tasks.
  • Because the Accumulate Distributed Identities (ADIs) are built in, on-chain voting and organization is possible straight away. With these tools, we can be nimbler and include more parties in the processes (staking, mining, etc.).




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Factom Council

Factom Council

The Factom Council is charged with protecting the Factom Protocol’s long-term interests.